Monday, November 7, 2011

Life Changes

Well after months of waiting, it's official. After ten years of the same job, Coby will no longer be selling insurance for Farm Bureau. After a lot of thoughts and prayers we decided to take a different route in life.
Coby was given a great opportunity to buy 50% of Crumps, a car dealership in Tremonton. As this was taking place they were able to purchase Murdock's another car dealership in town. They are working on combining the two dealerships today. This is a new challenge for Coby that he is excited to start (along with basketball try-outs that start today for the high school) We will have a busy next few months but this will be a fun change in our lives.
Coby's brother Cody, who has been working for him the last few years, is in the process of becoming an agent (instead of sales associate) and will be able to take some of Coby's clients over and stay in the same building which works out really well for both of us also.
Here's the website for Coby's new business:

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