Saturday, June 26, 2010

Get Ready for Pictures...

On June 11th we hopped a flight to California for Ashley's first birthday ;) Actually, Coby won a family trip to San Diego so we went out early to visit the Smiths.
We stayed a couple days and headed off to San Diego where we stayed on Coronado Island. One night Coby went to a Padre's game and the kids and I went to sleep and a 5.9 earthquake hit and woke me up and scared Coby out of the game.
We flew home late Thursday night and did laundry and swam with the family and started Korver on food, which we are still working on.
We left Sunday after church to head down to St. George for Basketball camp. Coby is coaching again for Bear River High School, the JV team. They did great and we had a blast as a family.