Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My sister Tawni was able to come visit this past week end with her kids. We had fun (even with some sickness) and are glad they came for awhile. I'm still not sure how we've managed to have six kids four and under but we've done it. Courtney, Ashley, Grant, Beckham, Denver, and Korver.
Coby had an awards dinner for work last night and so we got all dressed up and took Korver with us. I put him in a cute outfit and then he slept the entire time we were there! Oh well at least I got a cute picture.
Korver went to the doctor yesterday for his 2 week appointment and he'd actually lost 2 ounces. I've never had a kid lose weight at any appointment so I'm not sure what to do but start feeding him by time not when he wakes up. Other than that the doctor said he was doing great, his measurements are following Denver so I'm curious to see if he grows up looking more like Denver than Beckham.