Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beck's Three, Korver Six Months

Beck is three years old today. Here are the links to his past birthdays : 2 year and 1 year. He is so fun and we enjoy his attitude (most days) in our family. This is my attempt at a cake for him. It's supposed to be a mountain race track (from family fun magazine) but my mountain started slanting backward so there is a plate to hold it up. By this morning it has a plate on the side to hold it together, but the boys still loved it and think it's amazing so that's all that matter ;)Korver turned six months last week and had his doctor appointment today. He weighed in at 18lbs 12 oz (66%) and was 27 1/2 in long (78%) His head is in the 62% so he's a pretty average boy. He's 3 1/2 pounds lighter than Beck was at this age and half a pound heavier than Denver. He's the shortest at this point of all three at six months.