Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Korver 2 Months & Denver's 5 years

Korver is 8 weeks old today. He's been a very hard baby with constant crying so we took him to the doctor today and they put him on acid reflux medicine. It seems to have worked great because he seems like a totally different happy baby. He would actually sit without crying and was smiling and playing with his toys. It was a great day and hopefully it will continue.
Denver turned 5 on the 16th and we had the family come over for cupcakes and ice cream. I made mini cupcakes for the cousins to decorate themselves which was a lot of fun.
All Denver wanted was a transformer pinata that he saw at a store back last fall. So we got him that for the cousins to break open.
Last for his birthday was a sleep over with his best friend Dylan. Pretty simple wishes for a five year old.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Major Catch Up

I've gotten really awful at updating my blog so be ready for a lot of pictures.
First off tonight was Denver's first soccer game. He was so excited. Coby is their coach and my little brother Spencer came and helped me coach four and five year olds. It was definitely interesting as they ran in a big group and kicked.
I love the look of concentration on both of these guys...
On March 28th we blessed Korver, which went great.
Here he is after the party...We had a great Easter dying eggs...
Stacey and Layne had a fun egg drop. Jerzi's (with the balloon) was the only one to make it.
Here's everyone throwing them off the roof...
This is just a cute picture of Mylie and Korver while everyone went outside for the Easter egg hunt and drop.