Monday, December 28, 2009


This year for Christmas Eve we spent at the Reese side and had a fun party. We played alot of games, sang carols, and the kids acted out the nativity.Christmas morning the boys were surprised with lots of fun stuff from Santa including a train table. Beckham's favorite were some Buzz Lightyear wings that he wore all day as he played. He still loves "flying" around the house.Denver got a lot of Transformer stuff and some Toy Story Army men that he was excited about.I surprised Coby with a shot gun and he got me some new pans that I love. We had a lot of fun and hope everyone else did too.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Singing & Jazz

Friday night Denver had a singing concert with a group he is in call TaVaci. He absolutely loves it and had a blast these past few months. He goes with his cousin Livie and they did a great job. Santa even came, which I discovered if they have a fake beard they are the "real santa" and guys with their own beard are helpers and he has no interest in talking to them.Then last night Coby and I had the chance to go the the Jazz versus the Lakers game and sit in a suite with some people from work. Probably the first and last chance that will happen but it was pretty cool. Being pregnant my favorite part is it had it's own bathroom :) Also President Monson was in a suite about five away from us, some people were lucky enought to run into him in the hall and shake his hand. My other favorite part of the night (besides the fact they won) was they had a Red Mango at the arena that I stood in line forever to get but it was sooo worth it!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Santa of the Year

We went to the bowling alley for a Christmas party with my family and Santa made a visit. The kids love bowling and the adults enjoyed themselves even more trying to beat each other. It really looked just like last year when we did this but this year I'm a lot bigger :)The kids were excited to see Santa, Denver still thinks they are best friends. Beck didn't really want anything to do with him until he saw that he got a present for sitting on his lap then he was okay. They were the only two that got presents but a lot of the adults there talked to him to let him know what they wanted I guess :)My little sister Skye.Spencer's wife Tori.