Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SO Big!

Here is Beckham (and Denver) being so big and playing their recorders. It kind of shows their relationship and how Denver does whatever Beckham does and Beckham will one day be the take charge brother.

Also, my uncle Travis is living with us while he sells his house and Denver has become obsessed with copying everything he does. He wears glasses to "help him see" and has a dog that he puts wherever Mario is and shadows Travis around.


The Vegas Baileys said...

I love that picture of Denver and your uncle. He is such a cutie. They are both getting so big.

Shane & Michelle said...

Oh Beckham is so smart already. You're a great mom and Denver is a good big brother! Cute pic of Denver with the glasses!

california smiths said...

That is so fun! I love it because Courtney does the so big for Grant since he won't. Just like Denver. That picture of Travis is the best one I have ever seen of him. Denver looks hilarious!