Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fun Short Quiz...

I thought this was a fun quiz on such a snowy day, let me know what you are if you try it...

You Are a Ski Cap

You are a comfortable, low maintenance, and even practical person.

You use fashion to look good, and you don't stray too far from the mainstream.

You are friendly and accepting. You don't really judge other people for their fashion choices.

You enjoy clothes and accessories as much as the next person, but you're not superficial about it!


The Vegas Baileys said...

I'm a ski cap too. That is a cute quiz.

Tristan said...

I'm a Newsboy...

You are a quick thinking, forward looking, and even revolutionary person.
You use fashion to project a powerful and chic image.

You like to experiment with new ideas, looks, and even lifestyles.
People may try to label you, but it's impossible. You draw inspiration from many subcultures.

Ha Ha!!! I think I'm more like the "quick, hide my day 3 hair in a baseball cap to run to the grocery store because I haven't had time to wash it and we need milk" kind of a hat these days!

AJ and Em said...

I am a hat with flaps

You are fun loving, cheerful, and even pretty cute most of the time.
You use fashion to play. You never take style all that seriously.

You're the type most likely to wear a funny t-shirt or goofy hat.
But when it comes time to clean up, you clean up nicely.

Ummm...I don't know if this describes me to the tee, but I guess when I do clean up I can clean up and look pretty cute!! :)

california smiths said...

I am a skull cap which seemed so NOT like me I refuse to even post what it said. More embarrassing than worth it :)

Shane and Michelle said...

HAHA I'm Beret
You are a creative, imaginative, and even artistic person.
You use fashion to express yourself. This is especially true of accessories.

You are flamboyantly unique, and you pride yourself in having distinct style.
You are willing to take fashion risks and laugh at yourself if they end up fashion crimes!

This is so NOT me AT ALL. I wear really comfortable ugly clothing most days with my hair pulled back or barely brushed and in little clips to keep fly aways out of my face. The only part that is right about this is that it's true that i take "fashion risks" because i wear whatever is most comfortable all the time. ALthough it's fun to window shop once in awhile, I've come to realize that im way to frugal to actually buy anything. I like to spluge only when we are on vacation.

Shane and Michelle said...

I have to add, it doesn't help that I'm preggers right now and getting fatter and fatter every day:)